Parent Policy

Our parents, as stated in our Philosophy, are so important in their child’s lives. We encourage the parents to participate in anything and everything. We have a Parent Meeting booked to inform our parents about accreditation, new forms, and any questions or concern we will address then.

We also have a suggestion box for parents input. This lets them be a part of the center in a confidential manner if they wish to do so.

We always greet parents in the morning and at the end of the day, we like to fill him or her in on their children’s time at the center.

In our registration form, we have a page dedicated for parents to share information about their child as well as give us some input. There, we also ask them if they would be willing to participate in the program by doing such things as volunteering, guest speaking etc.

We have an open door policy. Parents can come and see the director as concerns arises. They may come to view the center at anytime. The program plan policy menu and any relevant information are posted on the bulletin board, which is updated on a regular basis.

Parents who are interested in placing their children in the center will get the opportunity to meet with the program director who will discuss with the parents the center’s philosophy and policies. If the parent chooses to place his/her child in this center, they will be informed on a regular basis about all the activities in the center (either through notices, staff or programming sheets placed in the room.)

When a child is ready to be moved into the next room/age group, the parents will be asked to meet with the director. The director will explain the reason for the move and the process to the parents. The children’s name will be deleted from the original room and added to the new room. All their belongings will then be transferred to the new room. When the parent brings the child to the center on the first day of the move, they will have to sign the child into the new child attendance sheet. The director will also request their consent to use 1 month before the move as transition time for the child. During this time the parents/parent will be introduced to the new staff and room. The child will spend sometime daily in the new room. The staff will observe the child and adjust her/his planning to allow for a smooth transition. Parents will also have an opportunity to address any concerns during that time.

Each child will have a communication book which the caregiver will use to note down daily information about the child’s routine and development such as nap time, feedings, diaper changed and the highlights of their child’s day.

The center encourages parents to serve as resource people and use their talents to enhance the program in areas of arts and crafts, music, drama and carpentry etc.

Our Address

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Monday - Friday: 7am to 6pm

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